Saturday, October 30, 2004
An article from Gulf Times (one of the dailies here in Qatar), published this article:


As stated, "The United States yesterday warned US citizens in Qatar of a possible terrorist attack sometime in the next week directed at a hotel or hotels in Doha that are frequented by Americans."

It says there US citizens but of course every nationality here in Qatar will be affected if there will ever be an attack. First of all, the American base for the whole Middle East is located here in Qatar. Lot of Americans is staying here and a lot of Filipinos are working in the American base. So if there IS an attack that is planned, can u imagine the scenario? The once peaceful land of Qatar will be in chaos!!

Don't you think I’m just overreacting? But with this news, who in his proper mind will feel at peace?? If u were in my place, iisipin mo rin ang pwedeng mangyari diba? And with the US election heating up, I think this is one way to put Bush down for the reason of other people that he misled the world about the problems in terrorism and WMD.

This is bad news. Let's us just pray nothing will happen.

So much for Halloween huh?

Friday, October 29, 2004
Our Japanese Senior Commercial Manager has left for good. I kind of felt sad because he was nice and you never see him get angry or raise his voice at you. And he's a joker. So when he walked out the door of our office and waved goodbye, we all know that we won't see him again. But he left us with something to remember him. A Japanese Christmas card with a paper-folding inside. They’re really good with this art of paper folding.

this is the one i got.


Yesterday, we went to this one exhibit called the LOST WORLD. Bones and fossils of different kinds during the dinosaur period were displayed. We were just amazed on how long na these creatures had lived. Millions of years ago na. So that makes our world billions and billions old na rin. Imagine? Gano katanda na ang earth and still it is giving us all the things that we need in order to live.

Also,what if these extinct species e hindi naging extinct? Imagine, these big animals living with us modern men. Hehe... Mingling together with cars are the T-Rex and the Long Necks and together with airplanes are the giant birds. Haha! Funny thought isn't it? But I think hindi rin pwede mangyari yun. They will eat our heads off and stomp on all the things na madadaanan nila.

These fossils and bones just proves that there were really dinosaurs before living on this earth and its not just any make-up stories that we see on movies like Jurassic Park and read on books. They really existed.

me at the entrance

my mom and dad beside an iron meteorite and on the right are dinosaur eggs

fossils of fish and starfish

a giant antler and bones of a baby dinosaur

i love this! heheh.. its got a hard plate on his back on his head. he's like an armored turtle.

me beside the dinosaur bones

shell of an amonite. amonite is like a small octopus.

Overall, it was fun seeing those artifacts being preserved for the future generation to see.


Wednesday, October 27, 2004
What's with men who are so fresh? They can't avoid saying and doing things that would make us ladies feel uncomfortable and just icky...

Situation 1
One girl was walking home one afternoon. When nakasalubong sya ng isang man and just blurted out something gross.

One lady was standing outside the mall waiting for her sundo when a group of guys came out. And one man, pahaging na sinabi, "Hi miss... Pwede makuha number mo?"The girl feeling irritated, just turned her back and continued texting. Again, that guy asked that question and the girl remained glued to her mobile. When no answer was heard from the girl,the guy shouted, "Suplada mo miss!" (What the?!)

One evening, one girl was strolling along with her friends, when suddenly a man suddenly touched her. It happened so fast that there was no time to get back with that man.

I mean, sorry guys, I’m not generalizing you all. But why is that that your other co-gentlemen are not so gentle? Why can't they just behave properly and treat us girls with respect? If we don't want to give our number, then just stay quiet. And please, stop saying those gross words, We're not happy about it.

No offense. Just blogging... ;o)

Tuesday, October 26, 2004
Meeting Up
Do you feel that sometimes you're living up to people's expectations? Like you're just doing that thing para lang wala silang masabi? Or like you feel that you have to do that para maging maganda ang tingin nila sayo? Why can't we do things for our own happiness and not to think of what other people might say or think. If you like it and others don't, bakit minsan di mo magawa for the reason na may masasabi ang iba sayo? You give in to what others dictate you to do. The result, you end up miserable and sad kasi di naman yung gusto mo ang nasunod.

I think there should be no guilt when you didn't meet other's expectations. You have to feel free in every situation. You should know you’re the only one who can limit yourself.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Hmmm…. 23 days to be exact since I started my driving lessons. And so far, I improved. Remember the last post I wrote saying that I’ve been having a hard time? Well, not now. I conquered the S and the L technique! Yahoo! Right now, I’m into packet parking, well, ok, I find it hard coz I’ve been only practicing for three days. But this morning, I think, I’m getting it. More practice Jajey and u will get it… You know you can do it…

Since Ramadan started, I started my daily exercise routine. At four in the afternoon, I will have a one hour badminton game with my dad. Its fun coz it’s also the time that we get to have that father-daughter bonding thing. After, I will have my aero routine courtesy of Rosemary Conley. Hehehe. I have proven her very effective. I was so big and flabby before, and when I did her routines, I can’t believe the results! So now, I’m having a one- on –one with her again to remove the excess baggage I gained for the past year. I hope I can keep it up.

Last Thursday, I attended a children’s party. It was the birthday party of my officemate’s daughter. It was fun coz I saw Kat. She left our office last October 10 coz she got a better job. Lucky her. Anyway, the party was great for the kids. I can see that they had fun coz of the big playground the restau got. But unfortunately, I had to leave early kasi my practice kami sa church at 7:30…
pic from the party... do i look old with my glasses on??

Yesterday, I attended the morning service in our church due to the reason na walang back-up sa umaga. I usually attend the afternoon service kasi. And in the afternoon, my bessie and I managed to exchange some badminton hits. After we played, I ordered a cheese and pepperoni for our dinner. Hahahah! So parang bale wala yung work out no?

See the pic below? That was last week. When we woke one morning, there was too much fog outside. It’s because of the changing weather we’re having here in Qatar. Winter is coming so that’s why. That photo was taken while I was walking to get to the driving school which is just behind our house. That was 6 in the morning.. Creepy huh? Looks like one scene in a horror movie… hehehe…

I was laughing when I saw the sandwich my dad prepared for me. Para daw ganahan ako. Haha!

Earlier at lunch, we had kare-kare. so i was looking for our patis, but we have none na pala. e gusto ko talaga may maalat na seasoning when im eating kare-kare. my only resort - bagoong! Hindi ako nakain ng bagoong and that was my first time to eat that. and i found it good... hmmm... ok pala ang bagoong..heheheh...

Just this morning

I heard Jeng (my officemate) giggling

Jey: “Baket?”
Jeng: “Gulat ako sayo e.
Jey: “Baket”
Jeng: “Pagtingin ko sayo umiinom ka.”
Jey: Medyo nag-isip at nagulat “Ay oo nga pala! Bawal!”

I totally forgot na bawal uminom kahit sa upuan namin ngayong Ramadan. I was drinking my water all along. Hihihihi…. Sorry…

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Alright, haven’t posting since Saturday.

It’s because I have nothing to post about. Hahah! Do I sound silly??

But hey, we have these kinds of moments, right fellow bloggers? Like our minds are blank…cannot think of any worthwhile topics to discuss. Don’t you just hate that?

Anyway, I’ll show u some fab finds in the mall… picture frames and flower displays..

[dont mind my grad pic.. ;o) ]

oh! oh! by the way, what do you think of this dress?? i'm going to wear this on one wedding... im gonna be one of the abay and im gonna be like the wedding singer.whatchathink?

take care you all!

Saturday, October 16, 2004
Ramadan Kareem!!!

Ramadan has started. This means we only have to work 6 hours everyday! Yahoo!

For those of you who do not know, I'm here in the Middle East which consists of Muslim people of course. So, one of their Muslim practice is the Ramadan. Ramadan is their time of reflection, devotion and fasting. They fast from sunrise to sunset. They abstain from any pleasures of the body like eating, drinking, smoking, etc. During the end of their fast, they have this meal called Iftar wherein they have like a small feast.

Of course,when they are in fasting, ALL fastfoods and restaurants are closed from morning till night. They will only open after the sound of the canon was heard. The sound of the canon signals that their fasting has ended.

So, you see,for the whole day, there's no life. Even if we're only up to 1:30pm, there is nowhere to go and nothing to do. Non-Muslims here have to wait till our fellow Muslims has ended their practice. Here in our office, you can't eat in your seat of where you can be seen by other Muslims. You have to go to one place,like in our case; we have a kitchen here, where we can go there and close the door while we eat. Meaning, you cannot eat publicly to pay respect. Or else, they will get mad. It's like insulting them.

The good thing is our working hours are shortened. Maybe it's to give time to our Muslim co-workers a time to pray. Good for us non-Muslims right? Hehe.

This will last for one month and after, they will have a three-day celebration called the Eid. They will have their grandest feast and celebrations on those days! And no work for us for three days!

So, I bid you all Ramadan Kareem! (Kareem meaning good).

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

You may be thinking, why never? It is because I say never to blind dates. Yup! Yup! You will never encourage me to go out with someone I never met. But, well, ok,with one exception. I met up once with someone I haven't seen. I just took the risk coz he has the same faith as mine. Thank God that it turned out great.

But generally, I don't agree with blind dating. Why? Here's why.

I HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT HIM. - I don't know his looks and his background. I mean to meet a total stranger is really scary. Well, that's my opinion, I don't know about you.

For some of you who like adventures in your dating, here are some tips.

- This is very important. Meet somewhere public and take your friends along with you. You don’t want to be alone with a stranger. And go to casual places.
- Try to snoop around a bit. Exchange a couple of letter or phone call. Know the person a little before you agree to meet with him. This can save you a lot from troubles.
- Dress comfortably and decently.
- Be open-minded. Take time to know each other. It doesn't mean that because it turned out boring it well not turned out well in the future. Just take time.

But as for me, I will NEVER go out on a blind date. For those who are willing, good luck!

Sunday, October 10, 2004
What does it mean to be real?

It's hard to be real but deep inside you you're not. It's hard to pretend you are ok but the truth is you're not. It's difficult to let yourself believe that everything is fine, but it's not. It's not easy to smile when you know you are hurting inside.

Why not just be honest to yourself? And let things follow its own course...

Wednesday, October 06, 2004
Wondering Mind...

Why is it that the reception of Filipinos forJasmine Trias is so overwhelming considering the fact that she was only a finalist in the past American Idol? The press was there and I heard that a parade or a fiesta will be held in her province in Tanza, Cavite for her honour. She was born in America, making her an American citizen. So,what makes Filipinos go ga-ga over her? Well, maybe the fact that she has a good voice and still has a pinoy blood flowing in her makes Filipinos proud and give her the most, I can say, extravagant welcome. Well, we cannot avoid it. That at least, a half Pinay-half American has gone to one of the well-known competition worldwide. Correct me if I'm wrong, but we Filipinos,will hold our heads up high if we knew that some half-half Filipinos are making themselves known internationally. Am I right or wrong guys?

Can we say that a person has forged one's signature if the owner of the said asked him to emulate his signature?? Can he be sued??

Just thinking aloud.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004
Frustrated. Annoyed. Envious. Tired.

Those are my feelings for the past 3 days.

Why? Ok. Let me tell you.

Frustrated and Annoyed.- I'm having my driving lessons for the past one week. Everything was fine so far. Konting practice na lang, medyo ok na ako sa road. But when it comes sa parking, lalo na sa S, I'm so dead. One week na ata ako sa S parking, and still hindi ko pa rin gano makuha. Hirap ako magtantya at nalilito pa ako sa pagstir ng stirring wheel, kung san ba iikot yun after ng right at left bend. I don't want to lose hope, I really want to have my driver's license. Tapos, titigil pa ako for one month pagdating ng Ramadan. I'm afraid na malimutan ko pa lahat ng natutunan ko. I'm so sad talaga… I'm really praying hard na makuha ko na yung S nay un at yung iba pang parking styles like the 'L' and the packet parking. And I can see and feel na medyo irritated na din sakin yung instructor ko. Huhuhuh. I'm really sad.

- Since the start of the week, that was last Saturday, I did a lot of work in our office. Busy busy busy! I was thinking of updating my blog nung Sunday pa, pero I can't coz of the loads of work. Tapos, inis pa ako sa driving lessons ko, kaya I felt really tired and exhausted. When I reach home, after eating my dinner, nakakatulog na ako sa sobrang pagod. Haayy.

Envious - hahaha! Now this is the fun part. Wanna know the reason why inggit ako? Coz my friend Cathy got some pictures of her together with the Champions, namely, Christian Bautista, Sarah Geronimo, Rachelle Anne Go, and Erik Santos. They had the Night of the Champions concert at Chicago, where Cathy was staying. So there! Inggit talaga ako. hehehe. But they will have their concert in Dubai (that’s only a 30-minute flight from here in Doha) on December 2. So wish ko lang makapunta ako diba which is malabo naman mangyari.

Cath, 'ope u don't mind. I'll just show off your pics!

So, there. I just wanna shout!!!!! AAARRRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!

Saturday, October 02, 2004
Fun with Mud
Have u ever tried putting mud all over your face? I did! I tried it yesterday. It was called the Dead Sea Mud Pack. You may be thinking that it’s yucky, smelly, and just gross. You’re wrong! I’ve heard that it’s great for the skin. But first, let me tell you first about the Dead Sea Mud.

Dead Sea’s raw materials can have beneficial effects on skin like its therapeutic and beautifying powers. It all lies in one key ingredient – mineral mud. The Dead Sea mud, which is rich in minerals as the Dead Sea waters, can be applied to all or just parts of the body. This mud is popular for making facial mud masque. Facial mud masque can stimulate, tighten, cleanse, and invigorate the skin, leaving it with a glow.

Through the mud’s absorbency characteristic, it reaches deep into the pores, effectively cleansing the skin. The mineral action works to tighten the pores, making the skin look its best.

Dead Sea mud is great for softening the dry parts of the body, and effective for various skin problems.

So, out of curiosity, I applied Dead Sea mud on my face. The result, my face felt soft and smooth. Really, no joke, but it’s effective. I have to make this a habit, applying this mud on my face, and I might as well try applying it on other parts of my body.

Directions for applying the mud:
- apply a great deal of mud on your face, covering almost all parts, but avoiding the eye area.
- leave it for 20 – 25 minutes
- then, rinse it with water.

I would suggest that before you rinsed it off, try scrubbing the mud off from your face slowly, as it might irritate your skin, until it all falls down from your face. Then, wash your face with water and pat it with dry towel.

I recommend Rivage Facial Mud Mask. That’s the one I used. I don’t know if it’s available in your place, but why don’t you try looking for it.

Rivage Facial Mud Mask - http:/

Have fun with the mud! ;o)