Friday, January 20, 2006
That's right folks. I'm back at Doha again.. :o(

I want to be back here coz my love one is here...But just thinking that you have to work again.. makes you want to go back to Philippines again...If only I could set-up my own business NOW.. I mean NOW...

I feel happy yet depressed...

Thursday, January 05, 2006
Just an Update

I just stayed here in Baguio for the last two weeks.. Been in the different tourist spots here.. Celebrated a very cold Christmas.. Super cold sa Baguio noong December..

Welcome the New Year with lots of foods and firewroks... But again, I'm a magnet for colds and coughs..Nagkaron na naman ako.. But thank God, they're gone now..

Two weeks to go and I'm back to Doha.. Back to work.. Well, have to work to live..

But I'm excited to go back coz I'm going to see my Herbert again..

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Have a blessed new year ahead of you!!