Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I'm currently at work..sitting at my desk in front of the computer with nothing to do.. So, I decided to post something na lang..

I got a day off last Saturday, my Boss gave me one which I didnt expect and which I didn't know why he gave me a day off.  Out of curiousity, I asked him.. And he answered "'Coz you're a good girl, that's I'm giving you a day off." Ain't him sweet? Good thing my boss is this good.. One blessing from above...

So, in that day off, I asked my mom if we could have a stroll at the mall.  I was only planning of buying a 6riyal blush-on at Daiso but I ended up spending QR500!! Ladies, are we really like this? We easily get side-tracked.. Haha! Because it's sale in Next and Oasis, my mom and I bought 3 blouses from Next and 1 blouse from Oasis.

Then, we found our way to Body Shop! Hahah! I bought my mom some Vit C capsules for the face (I tried it, and it's really smooth on the face), a lipgloss and a bodyscrub.  I bought myself a body perfume - really smells good!

But then yesterday night, because I can't get enough of Body Shop, I bought myself a blusher, a blush on, a face powder, a lipstick and a concealer. Buy 2 take 1 kasi e! Hahah! It's not always that I splurge on make-up so I think what I did is not too much.. I hope..



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