Monday, January 08, 2007
Back to Work

Holiday's over.  Bummer. Next holiday would be on September 03 na... Independence Day of Qatar.. So tagal pa..Anyway...


First day of my holiday - I decided to have some bonding time with my mom. I asked her if we could go to the mall to check out some sale.  And I thought to myself, I would buy whatever she likes to buy. But it went the other way around! Haha! She didn't get herself anything coz she didn't find anything good. But me! I  bought 2 items - 1 skirt from Mango and 1 blouse from Jennyfer. Haha! Tsk Tsk...

Second day - Just spent the time at our home. Cooked chicken stir fry for our lunch (they liked it! Wohoo!! ). Then, Herbert brought his laptop and we checked out some games in there. We decided to play Bowling.  Losers will get to treat dinner. I won and he lose! Lol! Watched ASAP '07 afterwards.


Watched United 93 Saturday night. All I can say is "Wow, pare, heavy." Made me sad and angry.


And oh! Noon pa ako wonder if what happened the time slot of Let's Go! I'm a fan of that show. Those teens are so cute and fun. I remember my teen days. Lol! Kakamiss din yun. And I found out yesterday that it was moved from Saturday to Sunday kya pala hindi ko na sya napapanood.. Happy ako kasi napanood ko sya. (Babaw no?!)


So I'm back to work today. Went 30mins early to the office to clear out my table. When I got there, daming papers sa table ko. But I managed to clear everything before lunch. Pati na rin papers for filling. Good! I'm allergic to papers na kasi. Hehe.. I worried too much. There's not much backlog for that two days I was gone. Thank God.


Enough na nga.. I'm boring you na ata...



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