Thursday, January 04, 2007

It is freezing cold!!!! As I've read in the paper, the temperature recorded was 8degrees and it was the coldest ever, since 1964's 6degrees. Its because of the cold wind that's coming from Siberia. (Trivia!) Well, of course, for those of you living in the states and where there is snow, its different... its super super super cold. Heheh.. We've got heater running inside our home which I'm scared of because it might overheat... And the other day, I ate ice cream. Lol! Stupid right? It is so cold and I ate an ice cream. Because it's Selecta, I had to eat. Haha!! Because of that, my throat became sore, giving me fever yesterday.  Sometimes I like being sick coz I'm treated like a baby. Whatever and whichever I want, it will be given. Don't you agree with me?   Anyway, got sick the whole night.  My mother told me not to go to work today for me to have rest, but I decided to go to finish all the work so I will not have any backlog before my holiday. Speaking of holiday, I'm getting 2 days holiday again!! I was supposed to take a straight holiday this week, but decided to take the two extra days next week so my work will not pile up. Wohoo!! Thinking of what to do..Hmm..maybe check out some sale in the mall with my mom, if ever I still have the money. Or just sleep all day and be lazy. Hahah!! Anyway, I'm happy coz I get to have holiday.

But I'm still thinking of work.. What if all the papers pile up on my table? What if the day I return for work, I will be so busy and have to stay overtime?? What if I will be pressured??? Oh dear, am I being workaholic??? Hope not..


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