Monday, January 01, 2007
Happy New Year
The time is 2:30am, 01 January 2007.

I just got home from our new year's dinner at Dairy Queen. Haha! We have no media noche like in the Philippines.. It's because I didn't have time to cook and prepare as we were busy helping my father wrapping gifts for his program at church earlier that evening. We spent our new year's eve at church where we ended 2006 and started 2007 with a prayer.  Sounds good right? The message for that night: "Forget the former things.  Look ahead for 2007 with great expectations from God". I like that. Forget the old things, forget all the hurts..forget all the problems.. and look forward to greater things for 2007 coz God is in control. I hope that also encouraged you my dear friends and readers...

Anyway, so, right... We spent our night at the church and early morning of the first day of 2007 at Dairy Queen... But earlier that day, me and herbert went at one shopping mall to get his christmas gift for me!!! I know it's too late..It's because we didn't have time to buy gifts for each other as we were busy buying gifts for others.. I was thinking of of him giving me make-ups from Body Shop.  But he changed his mind.  He want something daw that I can remember him as make-up daw e nauubos.  So, without second thoughts, I dragged him to one shoe shop (thank God it's on sale!) and let him buy me a pair of black shoes. And from my own pocket, I decided to buy myself make-ups from Body Shop. (hindi ko matiis e!) And then we went home na to have rest and prepare for that night's program.

I can say that 2006 was a good year for me.  Got a nice new job, celebrated our first year anniversary as a couple.. got promoted in my job are some of the blessings I'm thankful to God for.  That year was also the year I get to meet my future in-laws, learned how to cook and loved and still love doing it and learned how to put make-up. Hahahah!! Not to forget, got to participate at the 15th Asian Games!

I think I blabbed enough... Here are some things that I got for the last day of  2006:

---->>> Brown Mascara and Eyeshadow from Body Shop

------>>> New shoes from Aldo

Last pic for the year 2006:

----->>> with good friends Cathy and Dawn

Happy new year everyone!!! Godbless!!!



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