Monday, February 06, 2006
how's everyone?

As for me, of course, the usual.. work work work.. it took some time for me to update kasi nothing exciting is really happening to me lately..same old..same old..

And currently, I'm so sick.. it started last Saturday night.. had a fever...but the next morning I decided to go to work, but then, di ko rin nakayanan.. have to go home..had fever the whole day.. and until now im having my rest.. still the cold and cough is with me.. they love me so much.. kidding.. ;o) Sayang nga, I'm scheduled to talk sa career guidance here at Philippine School Doha but because of this, I cannot make it.. I feel so shy tuloy kasi di ako nakapunta.. I gratuated pa naman dun.. But it's not my fault na nagkasakit ako diba?

Oh, about my work pala.. I feel happy na rin coz when I got back from vacation, I got my bonus(one month salary din yun) and an increment.. O diba? God is good.. ;o)

Pictures! Just want to share with you my happy moments with my love one..
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Image hosting by Photobucket


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