Wednesday, December 21, 2005
At Last! Baguio!
Oh well. At long last, I'm here at Philippines. Twas a long ride. A 9-hour trip from Qatar to Philippines, then a 6-hour drive from Manila to Baguio. Man, my body ached from all those travels. Nevertheless, I'm happy now that I've come back. At least for one month...

At the Plane
I was never happy with the food. Then the seats were not comfortable. Then there was this centralized TV.. I told my dad not to take Qatar Airways, unfortunately, he did. I always choose Emirates Airlines - they've got the best food, the best tv entertainment, and the comfy seats. (Plugging to.. heheeh..). Good thing it was an evening flight, so I just slept throughout the trip.

Hello Philippines! Mabuhay! Hehe.. I was again bombarded with those huge billboards, with the irritating traffic, and those jeepneys. Well, this is Philippines alright. I wasn't able to take pictures because my head was spinning, I was like dizzy the whole trip. Bummer...

Nice! Cool and breezy. I love Baguio. Eventhough it is already populated, still I feel safe here rather than in Manila. Nothing changed, except the new SM Baguio. Didn't do much yet, for the last 5 days, we were just fixing our apartment here. Anyway, but we managed to eat out for dinner one time, and managed to buy some shoes, clothes and bags already. Oh one thing, KFC chicken here doesn't taste like the one in Doha. I like the taste of KFC chicken in Qatar. Hehe.. Yeah, the gravy is good, but I'm looking for that big box of fries. Hehe.. They've got rice here and mashed potatoes. Fair enough.

Here are some pics..
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But I'm missing somebody this Christmas... :o(


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