Thursday, September 01, 2005
Angst (n.)A feeling of anxiety or apprehension often accompanied by depression.

The reason causing this condition???


Due to frequent lunch and dinner dates with friends and family, this is what's happening. I gained 3kgs for just one month!! Aaarrgghh!! One thing I hate is that I don't burn fat that easy. I have to work out if I want these unwanted in my body to go. I really envy people who have a fast metabolism. They could pig out but still maintain their weight. Haayy... Reasons why I'm gaining weight( in order)
1. Ice Cream ( due to some people, I became to like ice cream which I'm not really fond of before)
2. Steaks & buffets ( I think thrice this month, I had a large portion of steak with their side dishes of course..)
3. Snacks ( I was not eating snacks before at work, but now I found myself browsing through the menu of the nearby cafeteria and ordering the fullest snack I can get.)

I have to control myself...Control..Control... :'(

Any suggestions to loose weight? Aside from exercise..puhlease.... Hehehe..


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