Friday, May 06, 2005
Been sick for the past three days...

When I woke up last Wednesday morning, I had a hard time swallowing. Oh no! I will have those nasty colds again. Maybe its because of the large strawberry shake I ate last Tuesday night. Dang!

And so the next day, I found myself having flu. Kainis. Can't attend our youth general fellowship at church and our music practice.

Eto pa, my father reserved us a lunch in Doha Golf Club yesterday. Sayang coz I can't even taste the food. so bland. Blame it on those medicines and my cold... Grrr...

Pray that this cold will just go...


Check out this pic.. parang videoke no.. hehehe.. my brother made that in one of his software sa pc..
Image hosted by

There are just some persons who will remain a part of your life...Image hosted by amish you guys..including you judith of course..


Blogger yen said...

ayy may skit pla ang beauty mo ah! wasap w/ u gurl? pucha d n tyo ngkkta lalu n ngyn lumipat n kyo ng ofc diba?! (prang ang layo noh hehe)

aba oo nagpatan ako khpon pro d nmn umepek mshdo khit nkabilad ako ng todo sa araw! slight lng..

oha, i remember that pic huh, farewell m yan debah?! kumpleto sna kso minus judith,, saw her pla sa city center kgbi.. sna nmn nxt tym tyo nmn mgkta! :)

Blogger HanAgiRL said...

hope u get well soon sweetie :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey jhey! how's it going?:)

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