Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I like this article so i might as well share it with you guys..


Love is willing to wait
Love keeps on being friendly to people who aren't friendly back.
instead of demanding,
Love doesn't hate the girl who goes out with the guy you like.
"prove you care, now!"

Love doesn't brag about
Love isn't stuck up. Love doesn't think you're better than
your good grades or the
others because your clothes are more expensive.
touchdown you made in
Love lets others have their turn talking. It never puts others down
Friday night's game.
by acting like they don't count. Love doesn't insist on getting all the credit or on being one of the popular crowd.

Love doesn't lose its temper
Love doesn't hold grudges. It doesn't keep thinking over
when a brother or sister hogs
and over again about how someone hurt you.
the phone or spends too much
Love doesn;t think doing wrong is cool.
time in the bathroom.
Love looks out for the interest of others.

Love keeps on trusting God
Love keeps on expecting the best.
even when the right choices
Love doesn't give up just because something goes
you make don't turn out
wrong or because your feelings are hurt. God is in
the way you want.
charge, so those who love just keeps on loving.


Blogger yen said...

love is like a rosary thats full of msytery hehe..

inlab ka na naman ba jajey???

Blogger malaine said...

im obsess about love...

malamang inlab yan...kay Jesus

Blogger franz said...

sama mo pa ung mga sinabi about love sa a walk to remember. hehe.

Blogger malaine said...

oist! jajey, wazz up na?

Blogger yen said...

busy n2mn yan as always.. kanino ka ba inlab? ke ben affleck ba?! dti p nmn diba??!!

Blogger Jajey said...

grabe...di na ako makapagupdate..grrr...

Blogger cath said...

Love is patient.. Love is kind.. :)

how are you na janz! miss yah!

Blogger yen said...

kc busy ka n2mn kya wla ka update.. sn k b busy? jan sa lab mo o sa work???

Blogger yen said...

hoy mag update ka nmn! bbgay ko ke raghu # mo cge ka! hehe!

Blogger eden said...

huh love........

tama lahat yan :)
nice i like it :) i promise to come back!

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