Saturday, March 05, 2005

Last Friday, we gave my Mom a birthday treat. She suggested to dine in a Japanese-Korean restaurant. 'Twas my first time to eat Japanese foods. You can call me a "jolog" pero i never liked their raw foods, like what we ordered - SASHIMI. Uggh! Of course, raw fishes like hammour, red snapper and salmon were on it. I took a small piece of the uncooked food, tasted it but tried to swallow the small bite i took, coz it's really yucky for me. Good thing there's tempura, teriyaki and bento which i feasted heartily. But what's important is that my Mom enjoyed the cuisine, especially the Sashimi. Hehehe..

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the Bento Set

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Korean BBQ (which is being cooked in front of us) and our dessert - SUHA!

Never will i eat raw foods again!

Changed my template. I managed to do it despite of my eyes drooping while I'm in front of the computer, tinkling pics in photoshop. But somehow, this template lacks something... Any suggestions?


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