Friday, February 25, 2005
Are You an American?

One American customer asked me that. Suprised I was, I said no. "I'm a Filipino", I proudly told him. "Oh", he replied, "Coz you have that american accent with you." I just smiled. Hehehe... It pays off when you frequently watch American movies and when you constantly communicate with Americans.. You inherit their accent. You gain new words to add to your vocab. And also, maybe because when I was a young kid, I love reading english pocketbooks, not just silently reading, but I read them aloud. Nice, yeah? ;o)

Great Buys Again

Went to one of the malls again and I happen to buy these.

Bag from Guess (i like the style.. parang Louis Vuitton) and jeans from Gap

hear from me soon!


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