Wednesday, November 17, 2004
All the Time, Decisions
Everyday we are faced with decisions. Simple deciding matters like whether we wake up or just stay in bed; whether to eat breakfast or not; whether to wear your hair up or down.

But sometimes, we encounter really hard life-decision matters. Like whether to let go or just let time take care of what's happening; whether to just keep to yourself the truth knowing that it will affect something between you and another person or to just say it directly compromising some other things; whether to say yes or no to a question; whether to get a high paying job or a job with a perfect office timing; whether to give in to what other's want to satisfy your desire of social acceptance or just to what makes you happy regardless of what other people might think.

Nakakatorete na rin minsan. I hate facing hard choices. It's tough to select between two things that you both like, pero kelangan mo talagang mamili lang ng isa.

But life is like that. It's all based on decisions. We just have to really know the right and the wrong choice to take. And not to forget to consult it to God. Or else it's the end of everything.


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