Tuesday, November 09, 2004
For the love of hair
They say your hair is your crowning glory.

I, for one, will not say that my hair is one glorious crown. First, it's so dry that u would compare it for the dryness of the strands of 'walis tambo'. Second, it's like a sponge that when it dries up, it rise up like that. Third, I think every end of my hair is full of split ends. Not just a double split, but I can say, a triple split treat, even a quadruple. Arrrghh!!

I tried all the tips on magazines, all the shampoos and conditioners that are out in the market. But no effect! So, I ended up blow drying my hair and then to the miraculous works of the HAIR IRON. My hair's savior, yep yep! The HAIR IRON. What would my hair be like if not for the hair iron. But I hate it thinking that I flatten my hair with those hot plates. But what else can I do? If not for that, it would look like I did an Afro-style with my mane. Haha! So, because I iron my hair for almost everyday, I condition it everyday, and sometimes,I apply some serum to make it look healthy and shiny. Rebonding also crossed my mind. But my hair stylist discouraged me to do that coz of the weakness, the fineness and the thinnes of my hair.

Why can't I have a hair that's naturally sleek, shiny and straight? I envy those women who have no hard time fixing their hair. After washing, they just let it dry naturally. Sometimes, I get lazy ironing my hair so I just put it up on a ponytail. So if you see me, wearing a ponytail, for sure, I didn't iron it.

I'm desperate!Help!


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