Wednesday, October 27, 2004
What's with men who are so fresh? They can't avoid saying and doing things that would make us ladies feel uncomfortable and just icky...

Situation 1
One girl was walking home one afternoon. When nakasalubong sya ng isang man and just blurted out something gross.

One lady was standing outside the mall waiting for her sundo when a group of guys came out. And one man, pahaging na sinabi, "Hi miss... Pwede makuha number mo?"The girl feeling irritated, just turned her back and continued texting. Again, that guy asked that question and the girl remained glued to her mobile. When no answer was heard from the girl,the guy shouted, "Suplada mo miss!" (What the?!)

One evening, one girl was strolling along with her friends, when suddenly a man suddenly touched her. It happened so fast that there was no time to get back with that man.

I mean, sorry guys, I’m not generalizing you all. But why is that that your other co-gentlemen are not so gentle? Why can't they just behave properly and treat us girls with respect? If we don't want to give our number, then just stay quiet. And please, stop saying those gross words, We're not happy about it.

No offense. Just blogging... ;o)


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