Wednesday, October 06, 2004
Wondering Mind...

Why is it that the reception of Filipinos forJasmine Trias is so overwhelming considering the fact that she was only a finalist in the past American Idol? The press was there and I heard that a parade or a fiesta will be held in her province in Tanza, Cavite for her honour. She was born in America, making her an American citizen. So,what makes Filipinos go ga-ga over her? Well, maybe the fact that she has a good voice and still has a pinoy blood flowing in her makes Filipinos proud and give her the most, I can say, extravagant welcome. Well, we cannot avoid it. That at least, a half Pinay-half American has gone to one of the well-known competition worldwide. Correct me if I'm wrong, but we Filipinos,will hold our heads up high if we knew that some half-half Filipinos are making themselves known internationally. Am I right or wrong guys?

Can we say that a person has forged one's signature if the owner of the said asked him to emulate his signature?? Can he be sued??

Just thinking aloud.


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