Monday, September 13, 2004
I don’t know why, but I had a good sleep last night. Even though it was only 5hours, I felt like I had enough. And while riding in the car for work, good music was playing on the radio. But unfortunately, there was too much traffic.

Anyway, I love what my tatay did this morning. Right after I got out of the shower, I asked him if he could prepare a sandwich baon for me (specifically bacon and cheese, hehehe.) But when its time to go na, I asked him where is my baon, and he told me he forgot daw and he don’t know what he will prepare. I reminded him na I told him that I would like bacon for baon. So he was getting out of the car na, and I said na it’s already 7:00 am and we will be late coz of the traffic. And he just said, “Hindi, kawawa ka naman e.” And he got out of the car to prepare a baon for me.

Isn’t that just sweet and so kind of my tay? Hehehe… I know I can be bratty sometimes but my dad has been patient with me, with that kind of attitude. He’s funny and comical but at the same time he won’t let my bad behaviours go on. He’s so full of gentleness, patience and self control. I don’t know, I guess he’s just living the fruit of the Spirit and the Word of God in his life. So no wonder, I’m looking for a man who has at least the same ugali of my father.

So Tay, I salute you! You are one of a kind dad! :o)

That was a wonderful morning start for me.


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