Friday, August 13, 2004
Exhausting week. Not in work but in foods!! Grabe…. Saturday, had a KFC bucket meal, Sunday, chicken fillet with corn on cob, Monday, Beef, Tuesday, pansit, cassava cake (I ate a lot of this..tsk tsk..),and fried chicken, Wednesday, ate at Far East Restaurant, Thursday, was invited in a thanksgiving party (ate a lot of kaldereta… yum yum…) Now tell me, how will I get thinner with all these foods around me… huhuhu… I know it takes discipline but I can’t help it!! I love food..hehehe…

Okay, enough with foods…

An Overcomer
My work as a replacement for my officemate has ended… and I learned some few things…
a) I have a bad handwriting
- First, our travel agency complained about it. He can’t understand the names I wrote in the reservation slip… haha!
- Second, one of the hotels called me just to clarify the names of the guests I was booking… he said my handwriting looks like Japanese….
- Third, my officemate was always calling me on the intercom just to ask what’s written on the envelopes that I’m going to send on our site office.
Yeah yeah yeah…. I’ve been hearing that since I was in high school and college… that’s why my classmates never borrow my notes coz they will not understand anything… harharhar…
b) Patience is the key so as not to go crazy.
Overloaded with bookings… those were my experiences… too many waitlisted passengers that you have to follow-up… but I endured all of those. Congratulate me…hehehe…
c) Be friendly even if the one you’re speaking with isn’t.
You can never avoid this… I’m not being makulit. I’m just doing my job. And that is to follow-up those waitlisted passengers. Anyway, I remained cheerful. That’s one positive attitude.
d) Be organized.
Never throw out anything. You might need it someday.
e) Be alert.
I think, if I will grade myself on alertness, I will barely pass. I tend to forget easily…hahaha! During that period, my boss kept on asking me like “When did we book this?” “Have we done their exit passes?” “Have we returned the tickets for refund?” Did we extend their business visas already?” And I would just go, “ahhhh…errrrr…I’m not sure. Let me check first...” Me and my wonderful memory…hahaha!
Overall, I think I did well… I’m an overcomer!

Party! Party! Party!
This past week, there were two parties that happened. One is the birthday party of my officemate. Over… I was really bloated that day. I ate a lot of fried chicken and cassava cake…
The second one was at the Far East Restaurant. Because one the previous general manager of our company came from Yokohama so we decided to organize a dinner. It was my first time to meet him. First impression, cheerful. And my impression was true! On that evening, he was humoring us with his witty jokes… In short, he’s a joker. But they said he’s very strict when it comes to work, but what the heck! With that attitude, you will never be scared of him. He goes on telling jokes to everyone… Well, maybe he got a little drunk coz the wine and beer he was drinking. Hehehe…
I don’t know if it’s their custom, but I like what they did before dinner. So we had our orders and we we’re comfortably sitting. Their drinks were served first, coz they just ordered beer and we ordered orange juice. The foods were served. I was wondering why there are not yet starting… and Shimizu San (that’s him, the joker…hehehe) just told that they will wait for us ladies to get our drinks before they open their beers… Hmmmm….. I found that very….. courteous… respectful… I don’t know, somehow it made me feel like a lady. Hehehe…and so the evening went by, with all of us laughing and kidding around, eating those wonderful dishes (combination of Japanese, Chinese and Thailand cuisines) and taking pictures. Speaking of pictures, here’s some shots you may want to see

nazar(one of our drivers), me, Takahashi San (came with Shimizu San from Yokohama), Malaine

group picture! my officemates.. and of course the man sitting on the middle of two girls is Shimizu San (the oldest of the three gents with us) and sitting at the right side is Watanabe San, our Senior Commercial Manager

I very much enjoyed that party. Everyone was at ease. Seeing the smiles, and acquanting with other nationalites was fun and as well interesting. What a good night!


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