Saturday, July 17, 2004
He Has Paid the Price..
i was just so touched by the sermon our pastor gave at our last night friday service. she just told a simple story on how one student has to do 10 push ups for every donut given to his classmates.this just illustrates that Jesus has paid the price for our gift- and that is to have an eternal life. all we have to do is to accept it. i was crying during the closing prayer coz i was reminded again of Jesus' love for us all. i'll be forever grateful for everything he has done..Amen..

also, last night, some of my friends had their night swimming..too bad i cant come for some reason..ehehe..


what's happening with blogger? i cant see the changes i've made. it always comes back to the old settings, especially at the template..cant enjoy blogging this time..why?does anyone know????


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