Thursday, July 22, 2004
i had my advance bday treat today at lunch..i was planning to have it on saturday at one of the steakhouses,but my parents thought of another place where we can eat..and that is Doha Golf Club!!!  i've been there, but it was my first time to dine there.why not?so we can have something new to see and taste.

at the entrance of Doha Golf Club..even though the heat is unbearable, i tried to take some good pics for my remembrance..

inside the restaurant (El Midetterano).i like their and feminine and fresh

the food!! i just love the food!! what's in it?veal,with mushroom,mozarella,rice and i forgot what that white sauce is called...sounds really fattening..tsk tsk tsk..but its great!

and me!sitting on a buggy?!! haha! i dont what its called..i cant sit properly kasi nahihiya ako sa mga pinoys..they're looking kasi..hehehe...

inside the beside the of the symbolic items in qatar

a view of the golf dad said that it takes millions of riyals to maintain this..

my treat ended at 4..but we stopped over at city center to buy me a gift! got a new watch!nice...
had a wonderful time...



Blogger cath said...

happy birthday janz... may u have more birthdays to come..may all ur wishes come true.. God bless..
miss yah.. i miss doha too... i'm sick and tired of the unpredictable weather here.. :)

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