Tuesday, July 20, 2004
 hey guys..i just want you to check out my lovable pets..they are so adorable!
this is GEORGINA..she's been in the family for more than 10 years now..i will really cry if she'll die..sje's very trained..unlike the rest of his pet companions..she's very quiet..never a "meow" can be heard from her.. we always wonder why..

the favorite among the pets. CHICKY! she came here when she was still a baby..and now look at her! she's a full grown mother..see her beside her baby who looks like her..she's the one on the left..

the thorn among the roses!until chickytoo came in. ZAWAF is also one of the babies of chicky..he's the only guy among them..hehehe..lucky him, he's surrounded by girls!one trick he knows, he can open the door all by himself! and we didnt even trained him for that.talk about a gifted cat! hahaha!

WACKY is not here with us now..we have to let her go coz of her hair..it keeps on falling..maybe because she's already old..my nanay said we have to get rid of her baka kasi magkaron pa kami ng sakit due to her hair..i really miss her! but luckily, she was picked up some Filipinos who live just near my best friend's house, that's why i can see her now and then! nice!

CHICKYTOO named after her mother CHICKY..hehe..we have to put the word "too" right after coz both of them look alike.they have the same eyes,same hair color..i tell you, this cat is very playful..and her favorite place?? my bed..aaawww...when i go home after work, i would always see himl lying on my bed..that's why maybe my allergy wont go away because of cat hairs!!hehehe..see at this pic..he looks like a figurine..

i just adore these pets! they're one of the family now and it would be really sad if we someday we have to part ways..anyway,they really rock!


Blogger cath said...

the dog was adorable... i miss my dogs back home tuloy.. :( sorry jajey.. i still don't like cats upto now.. hahaha!!!

Blogger loryces said...

hi! just blog-hopping. anyway your pets are sooo cute esp the last pic. ang cute ng pusa. :)

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