Friday, August 06, 2004
I miss...
I miss the freshness…. I miss the greenery… I miss the cold wind that kissed my cheek whenever it blows… I miss those places… I miss those moments….

I stayed there for four years to pursue my university degree. I miss Saint Louis University. I miss those hallways that are filled with the students’ voices. I miss talking with my classmates and friends about anything-projects, the latest chismis, our professors.

I miss the apartment where I stayed. It saw all my heartaches, my joy, my tantrums, my lowest moments and those times where I’m so hyper and happy. It can attest to some of my behaviors unknown to other people. I miss the balcony outside my room where I used to stay just feeling the cold wind and seeing the mountains full of houses that looks like stars because of their light.

I miss the busyness of Session Road, where I used to stroll whenever I just feel like walking. Sightseeing the wonderful stores at its side. Its full bloom whenever the Flower Festival is on. Flowers everywhere. Food stores that’s so cheap you can almost eat all the food they’re selling. I miss those jeepneys that are so hard to catch whenever there’s storm. I miss getting angry at those drivers when they don’t give you the exact change.

I miss the malls that are never out of shoppers. I miss the city market that irritates me whenever I go there because of its crowdedness. I miss the Burnham Park. I miss the Mines View.

Just thinking of those makes my heart wish to make time go fast so that it will be next year, so I can visit those places again.

I miss the freshness… I miss the greenery… I miss the cold wind that kissed my cheek whenever it blows… I miss those places... I miss those moments... I miss BAGUIO


Blogger Prem said...

Of course, don't forget to pass by UPdil.

Blogger cath said...

i feel you janz... i miss manila as well.. :(

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