Wednesday, August 25, 2004
Have u thought about how blessed you are?

I did think about that last night as i watched another inspiring episode of Oprah. (Yeah, yeah, i love Oprah.) She had a guest, an investigative reporter from National Geogprahic Channel who also works in her show, who talked about a horrfying situation that is happening in India. It's called the Dowry Death. We all know the dowry tradition, right? The family of the bride has to give money, gold and any other expensive gifs to her husband and his family. Now this is the scary part. If the bride and her family had stopped giving supplements to her husband and his family, she will be burned to death. And when interrogated by the authorities, she has to give lame excuses for the reason of her burn so as not to harm the family of her husband. Imagine that.

Another touching story was the story of women in Ethiopia. They are betrothed at the age of 8 or 9 and their husbands have to wait unil they reach puberty to have sexual contact wih them for reproduction. And because their body is not yet prepared for such drastic experience, they labor for 6 days, alone, with no medical help whatsoever. And the reason why they can deliver the baby is because the baby is a stillborn. Worse, those women, because of that dreadul experience of labor and delivery, have developed holes in the organs of their body causing continuous leakage of urine and waste. Because of that, they are ostracized from their loved ones and the community. They have to live alone in a hut because no one would dare to live with them and their foul-stinking body. Thank God for a doctor who fell in love with the Ethiopians, decided to build up a community hospital offering free operational services for the women.

Now these two stories made me think how blessed i am to be born as a Filipino woman. I don't have to think about dowry and I can freely choose who i want to marry. I can decide when to marry and not be engaged in my childhood.

These made me aware of the wonderful gifs God has given - a beautiful family, wonderful homeland and the blessing to be born as Filipino.

Lastly, it made me realize the best gift God has given - the gift of being me.


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