Tuesday, September 07, 2004
Whew! I’m back at my place again. Back to my wonderful pc! This means I can now edit my postings and template correctly. :o)

Hmmm…so far, for the past two weeks I sat inside the Administration, I was busy, but not that quiet. Did some few bookings for our vendors, assignees, visitors and employees, updated all the business visa extensions, validity of resident permits and driving licenses. It was fun, but it can be annoying. Especially, kapag sabay-sabay na yang mga yan, sobrang kalat at gulo ng table mo. That’s why I kept myself alert at hindi pairalin ang pagkauliyanin ko. Heheh… I can’t trust my memory. Kaya nga sagana ako sa mga post it notes. ;O) Dahil kapag may nalimutan ka, lalo na sa mga extensions, you are so dead.

By the way, you may want to check out my officemates’ blogs, namely, kat,malaine,yen and jeng. You can find their links in my side items. Na-impluwensyahan ko na sila sa blogging, and the result? They are more addicted to it than me. Hahaha! Anyway, enjoy my friends!

Ber is here! Advance merry Christmas sa lahat! Here in Qatar, wala lang yang “ber” na yan. Unlike satin, they’re starting to play Christmas carols na, tapos dami ng taong gumagawa ng Christmas lanterns. Haaayyy, I miss Philippines talaga. I’m supposed to go for vacation ngayong November, o diba, sakto sana sa pasko. Kaya lang, my parents wanted us to go together next year, so I have to wait for 8-9 months pa. Di bale, bilis lang naman ng panahon. Can’t wait!

Speaking of Christmas, we’re having our Kris Kringle (did I spell it right?!) here sa office. Can’t wait for December 25 kasi may lunch date kami, tapos dun na marereveal kung sino-sino. Hehehe…


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