Saturday, September 18, 2004
ABS-CBN has premiered a new program last night, called Y Speak. It’s a show that caters to the youth, to let their voices be heard and their opinions be recognized. It’s hosted by two good people, Ryan Agoncillo and Karen Davila. Their topic last night was “Ma, mag-aaral na ako. Ma, mag-aartista na ako.” Good topic I think. (Didn’t you notice that most of my topics are somewhat inspired by shows I see in television? You’ll be reading more of it, so get used to it. Hehehe.)

Education. Should it be stopped or be continued during your career in show business?

The pro side said that education should be continued even if you have a career in showbiz coz it will give you a fallback. Show business is not permanent. You may be famous today and be forgotten tomorrow. Another good point is that they said that they should be good models, being in that powerful position in the media that can easily influence the lives of the youth, good models that they are educated. That even though they are in that business, they are educated and are holding a diploma.

The con side said that they have to stop schooling because of some instances in their lives. Like they desperately needed money, they are the breadwinner of their family, so they have to stop attending school. Another one said that he’s just focusing on his career right now, but she will still go back to finish his course in college.

As for my side, I agree with what Karen Davila said at the end of the show. Education should not be a choice, but a must. It’s the only thing that can keep us going in our lives. And I know this is redundant, but education is the only wealth we can treasure that no one could ever give.

As the saying goes, you give man a fish, and he will eat for today. But teach a man how to fish and he will be eating fish for the rest of his life.

What’s your point?

Striking quotes that were thrown last night.

** A student from the audience questioned Arnel Ignacio about being a good role model in the youth despite of him being gay. Arnel’s feedback: “You know why my daughter understands this? Because she is educated.”
** Mystica was telling last night that she had to tell his son to stop attending school. Hero’s response: “Kung ako ang anak nyo, magagalit ako sa inyo” That made Mystica cry.


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