Wednesday, September 15, 2004
“Home alone again. Can’t wait till my mom and dad comes home.”

I’ve been a latchkey kid since I was ten, since I got here in Qatar. My parents are out the whole day for hard work. I was in-charge of the house and my little brother when my parents are out especially in the evening coz during the morning, we’re in the school. I would cook our dinner, which only consisted of canned and instant goods. Television was our companion for the whole night. This continued until I was 15 until I left for college, thus, leaving my brother alone by himself.

It’s not just me who had experience this and are continually experiencing being left alone while their parents work. A lot of kids around the world are into this situation.

 Two kids were left alone while their single mother works. But when their mother came home, she found police cars and fire trucks on her backyard, and found out that one of her kid died. Her older child had tried to cook dinner for him and his little brother, but the result, fire broke out. The older one managed to escape, but the younger one was failed to be saved.
 While left alone, two teenagers were attacked by a burglar. Luckily, they managed to be still and called 911. The next day, they were still left alone by their parents.

In connection, how young is too young to talk to your kids about sex? When parents are more consumed at their work, communications with their children are lessening. Television has now become their source of information regarding sexuality. And I heard that as young as 11, children are already engaged in oral sex. And they think that it’s casual, just like a kiss. Just like a kiss??!! Can u imagine? And they do that in the back of their school bus, in wherever they would like do that. And they reason out that oral sex is not sex. Think about that. Kids with that kind of reason need proper communication. And where else they will get it? Of course, from their parents. But their parents are out, so what to do?

These are serious problems our families are facing right now. We should do something about it. I may sound campaigning, but I am.

But thanks be to God, those things didn’t happen when I was a latchkey kid myself.

But think about other kids, yeah?


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