Sunday, November 07, 2004
Apple of His Eyes
I'm feeling alright now. Maybe it's because of the message I heard last Friday at our church service. We had a guest named Pastor Leif. He's from America but of a Norwegian nationality. He's got the blue eyes, guys. But with those blue eyes come great power and compassion. I get to shake hands with him, and looked straight at his eyes, man! You can see and feel the passion he has for Christ. Wish I could have that, that when people look at my eyes, they will not see me but Christ in me. Isn't that wonderful?

Anyway, 'bout the message, it was about remembrance. Remembering all the things that God has done for you so that you will never feel tired and weary. He pinpointed to look at the promises of God not our problems or circumstances. So I was again encouraged by those words. And I was reminded that I’m a child of God, his daughter, so why will I feel rejected and neglected? If I'm his daughter, then I should be secure. If I'm not finding favor in other people's eyes, i KNOW i found favor in my Creator's eyes. I'm the apple of His eyes! It's really very important to focus your eyes and thoughts to Christ, coz if not, you will dry up because of the things that's happening around you.

So, after the message, one of his team mates, a lady, I didn't get to know her name, prayed over me. I was crying really hard... really hard... I didn't mind about the other people around me, I just felt God's love and mercy again.

Oh, one more thing. I was so blessed with the kids coz they never hesitate to come up and be prayed upon by the pastor and his team. And, in the pastor's team, there was one old lady, I remember my grandma. She is old but still she has the fire for God.

Overall, the feeling was so great and so calm and peaceful... I can't wait to get to heaven!!


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