Saturday, October 30, 2004
An article from Gulf Times (one of the dailies here in Qatar), published this article:


As stated, "The United States yesterday warned US citizens in Qatar of a possible terrorist attack sometime in the next week directed at a hotel or hotels in Doha that are frequented by Americans."

It says there US citizens but of course every nationality here in Qatar will be affected if there will ever be an attack. First of all, the American base for the whole Middle East is located here in Qatar. Lot of Americans is staying here and a lot of Filipinos are working in the American base. So if there IS an attack that is planned, can u imagine the scenario? The once peaceful land of Qatar will be in chaos!!

Don't you think I’m just overreacting? But with this news, who in his proper mind will feel at peace?? If u were in my place, iisipin mo rin ang pwedeng mangyari diba? And with the US election heating up, I think this is one way to put Bush down for the reason of other people that he misled the world about the problems in terrorism and WMD.

This is bad news. Let's us just pray nothing will happen.

So much for Halloween huh?


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