Thursday, November 11, 2004
Is it hard to say 'I'm sorry.'? Is it hard to ask for forgiveness? Some people have a hard time lowering down themselves to the point of accepting their mistakes. Why? Well, maybe because of pride. I hate pride, don't you? It makes people arrogant, hard to reach, and just unbelievably irritating.

As it says, pride is the mother of all sins. It proudly says that 'I don't need anything or anyone. I can handle myself'. Now, isn’t that just annoying?

If you are narrow-minded, if you refused to admit your weakness, and if you are demanding,then you have pride. That's just some of the characteristics of someone who has pride in them self.

Back to asking for forgiveness, is it really hard? I mean just a simple 'sorry' over your mistake is easy, right? I don’t know, for me, I find it ok. I mean, if I did something wrong, I immediately ask for their forgiveness. If we are not ready to admit our guilt, we come to denial or blame-transferring just to get out of the situation.

I think every person will have a better relationship if they just humble themselves, don't u think?


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