Friday, January 28, 2005

So, like what i've said on my last post, we were given a 4-day holiday. Wanna know what happened? Read on... ;o)

First Day - Thursday
Just spent the day at home and updated my blog. And in the afternoon, went to my music practice. Late at night, went to a turkey restaurant (they've got the best grilled foods!yum!). Slept past 1 in the morning.

Second Day - Friday
I was at the church the whole day. Did nothing exciting, except to listen to the wonderful message our pastor preached.

Third Day - Saturday
My family and I did a general cleaning at our house! Honestly, i don't like doing these general cleaning thing. I admit, I can be lazy when i want to. And during that time, I was so lazy.. I just want to bum around. Hey, it's holiday, have to make the most out of it, right? Hehehe... But no, what can we do? I have to obey. ;o) And afternoon came, we had a cell group meeting. Afterwards, ate 'totong' (heard of it? it's great. My dad cooked it for us all.) Then, we decided to go to one of the amusement park, but unfortunately, it was ladies night. No men were allowed. Bummer! I was excited about that. And it was my first time to drove to that place. (Nagpakahirap ako mag-park dun ha. hehehe.. ) Kaya, we went to City Center na lang. Buti na lang may mga special things na nangyayari dun or else that Saturday night would be a waste. There were clowns everywhere! Oh, and also, racing cars, I think Formula 1 cars, were displayed in the lobby of the mall. We had our pictures taken with the cars and with the clowns. 'Twas fun na rin. Afterward, one of our friends, treated us at McDonalds coz its his birthday. That was the end of our Saturday escapades.

Fourth day - Sunday
It was our last day for holiday but unfortunately I was obliged to work overtime. Imagine, I have to work from 8 in the morning till 8 in the evening. And my, that was some overtime I did. Phones kept on ringing and customers kept on coming. I just prayed a silent prayer that God would help me manage all of these things. And God did answered my prayer. He's really good. There were no irritating customers, they were all very considerate and understanding. May isa pang nagcomment sakin, and he said " You're amazing! You can do three things at the same time: answer the phone, talk to the customers, and check the packages." Well, that boosted my spirit! Thank God. And I think all the packages I prepared that day were all delivered na. Haayy.... I was annoyed talaga kasi I had to sacrifice one day of my holiday, pero iniisip ko na lang na dagdag kita rin yun and dagdag experience. Well, it was an experience indeed!

Today, we went to Hyatt Plaza, its like a mall na rin with different boutiques. And I was so happy when I saw these posters on one of the opening soon store. Those were the posters of John Pratts, Kristine Hermosa and Richard Rodriguez! And guess what, BENCH is opening soon here in Qatar! I was happy, really. Type ko din kasi mga clothes sa BENCH, and i was so excited na mag-open sila dito abroad. That also made me a proud pinoy! I can just imagine, different nationalities here in Doha, wearing BENCH. That is something, isn't it??

Sana mag-open din sila ng KAMISETA and JOLLIBEE... hehehe.... wishful thinking...


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