Saturday, December 11, 2004
haayy.... I still can't feel that Christmas is just around. Eventhough TFC's showing christmas specials, no effect. Eventhough we put up christmas tree and christmas decors in our house, nada. Why???? I wanna feel the joy and the excitement of Christmas... So sad....

Oh, about my driving, when I get in front of the steering wheel, butterflies start to flutter around my stomach. I'm so nervous!! I really make it a point to pray first before I step on the gas.

The work. Still pressured. Sometimes, the moment I get in the office, there's no time to sit down and relax! That will go for about two hours of standing up and going to and fro, checking packages, attending the customers and the callers. Those callers!!! I just wish they would hire someone who will be in charge of answering those phone calls. It's really irritating kapag sabay-sabay na, customers and callers.

Well, that's it for now. Keep you all posted soon!!


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