Saturday, August 27, 2005
Might as well try this..Hehehe..

20 years ago:
I have no idea.hehe..But from the kiddie pictures I'm seeing, I'm always with my father, with him in his marathon. My father is a runner, used to run for those big time competitions in Manila.

15years ago:
Hmm.. I'm happy playing with my barbie dolls..And I will not forget those brownouts we used to get during those times. And during this, I'm scared to go out of the house alone because this is when rape cases were high. Hahaha!! Also to include massacres. Hehehe..

10years ago:
Living in Doha.. So bored because not much to see then..And I miss my friends in Philippines..

5years ago:
Second year college... Having a great time at Baguio. I was mightly used in our church in the Music Ministry.. I think this is when my singing talent is blooming..(Ahem..Hehehe...)

3years ago:
Graduated from college. So happy to be out of school. No plans of coming back. Excited of working abroad.. Sad to leave my granny..(I miss her..)

Last year:
Blessed with a new job, blessed with a driver's license, blessed with a car.. and been blessed with so many more..Thank you Lord!

Was so full. Full in terms of worship and food. Hehe.. The praise and worship in our church was to say this, so wonderful... And after that, ate at Chillis, so busog na naman..Hehehe..

Hmmm..So far so good.. Day's fine..

Our youth group is going to have an election of officers.. Vote wisely! Heheh..

Next year:
Picturing myself fulfilled...

Seeing myself happily married, and have a business of my own...

Cheerios everyone! Its your turn to do this... :o)


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