Tuesday, August 16, 2005
About Time...

It is exactly one month since the last time I updated. I keep on telling myself "update ko na blog ko..update ko na talaga." But then laziness comes in. Hehe.. Anyway, move on..move on..

Internet Connection
Now I'm really on the mood to update coz we have a new internet connection. Finally, an ADSL. Yahoo! Fast and efficient. I'll not get bored waiting for the downloading time.

I've been blessed in many areas of my life these past few days..Physically, emotionally, and spiritually...
Physically - I gained 2kgs!! I hate this.. Hehe.. But I count it as blessings of course..It just means that I'm not short of food.. Or maybe I'm just really matakaw. Hehe..
Emotionally - With the help of God and good friends and family, I can say that I'm maturing in terms of emotions. No more childish acts.. on to being a real lady.. Thank God for His continues strength and encouragement...
Spiritually - Yes! Been blessed indeed! I was appointed (is that the right word of it?) as one of the worship leader in our church.. I was really hesitant to go at it at first. I really know that my voice is weak, its not for this kind of responsibility. But then I was encouraged that God doesn't look at our weaknesses but He looks at our heart.. Our desire to servee Him with all of our hearts and with all of our emotions. So, I passed the audition! Praise God.. And through thise, I'm being molded to be the woman God wants me to be..Amen...

I think it started on my birthday, every week, me and my friends, we're partying.. Kaya siguro ako nag-gain ng 2kgs..Tsk Tsk... Pics! Pics! Party! Party!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
me on my birthday - love the cake!
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celebrated my bday on Pizza Hut

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Jerome's treat at Ponderosa

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Dra. Rhea's Bday

And because Cath wants me to answer these questions..
My three'sThanks Cath

three names you go by:
1. Jey
2. Janzel
3. Ateng

three screen names you have had:
1. nicey2483
2. atengteng
3. blessing

three physical things you like about yourself:
1. eyes2
. skin
3. cheeks (kahit na malaki.hehe)

three physical things you don't like about yourself:
1. dark circles under my eyes
2. tummy
3. fingers

three parts of your heritage:
1. filipino
2. spanish
3. don’t know what’s the third one.hehe

three things that scare you:
1. rejectin
2. failure3. darkness

three of your everyday essentials:
1. toothbrush
2. moisturizer
3. facial wash

three of your favorite musical artists:
1. Hillsong
2. South Border
3. Gary V

three of your favorite songs:
1. "With All I Am” Hillsong
2. "Kahit Kailan” South Border
3. Any songs ni Gary V

three things you want in a relationship:
1. unconditional love
2. having someone to share your hopes and dreams with..
3. acceptance (accepting him for who he is, and not for who he can be..)

three lies and truths in no particular order:
lies:1. love at first sight
2. falling in love by chance3.
the line, "I didn't mean to hurt you."
1. everything happens for a reason
2. there's no easy way to break somebody's heart
3. sometimes it's the things that you can't do, that bring out the brilliance of what you can

three physical things about the opposite sex that appeals to you:
1. height
2. eyes
3. nose

three of your favorite hobbies:
1. blogging
2. reading
3. soundtrippin'
three things you want to do really badly now:
1. not go at work
2. go shopping
3. have a holiday

three careers you're considering/you've considered:
1. teacher
2. doctor
3. nurse

three places you want to go on vacation:
1. hawaii
2. france
3. Greece

three kid's names you like:
1. nicole
2. samantha
3. gabrielle

three things you want to do before you die:
1. travel all over europe
2. fulfill my dreams
3. have kids

three ways that you are stereotypically a boy:
1. I’m messy
2. i laugh out loud too.
3. I like sporty outfits
three ways that you are stereotypically a girl:
1. i put on lipgloss
2. i love to shop
3. i'm a crybaby

three celeb crushes:
1. brad pitt2. jude law3. ben affleck

my turn to tag...
three people that i would like to see take this quiz:
1. malaine
2. yen
3. franz


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