Monday, October 03, 2005
What's up with me lately?

Hmm... Been thinking of buying a new mobile fone...Again..its for the nth time na..Grabe.. When it comes to mobile fones, it can be considered as one of my sins..hehehe... Earlier at work, one American sent a Motorola mobile fone.. I checked out the fone, and it was neat.. I think Malaine has this already.. It's a Motoriola RAZR V3 model...
Image hosted by check this out..

So, I called my mom to get her opinion.. Unfortunately, she disagreed. Hehehe.. I should save daw... Sabagay..

Irritating.. So irritating.. Almost all the major roads here in Doha are closed.. Kaya naman super traffic... Your 10mins drive becomes your one hour drive na.. Kakainis talaga.. One more thing na nakakainis, I'm putting on weight na talaga... Good thing its Ramadan na dito sa Qatar... I will have more time for to work out.. If I WILL work out...Hehe..

Yahoo!! Ramadan is here again.. It means shorter hours of work.. And I love the shift they gave me... I will only work from 10:00am - 4:00pm... Nice huh? I think it will start tomorrow...


We've been invited to join the Battle of the Bands this December 08... Me and my friends are thinking about it.. Maybe not..Maybe yes.. Hmmm...

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