Wednesday, April 19, 2006
Movie Time

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Last Monday, my love one and I watched this movie I've been longing to see. ICE AGE 2: THE MELTDOWN. Kiddish? Nah... I love this movie.. Since I saw its first release.. Hilarious and I can say witty in its own way. Great animation and great dialogues, though its somewhat slapstick, the outcome is wonderful. I like Sid the Sloth, he's so irritatingly funny. I suggest you watch this one.. Or you watched it already and I'm late ... ;o)

Funny thing is, this was only my third time to watch a movie in a cinema house here in Qatar. My first is Free Willy(which is like a school tour) , and the second was Titanic. And it was not even in the cinemas in the malls because there was no malls yet here that time. Don't laugh.. I know you're smiling.. Hehehe.. ;o)


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Enjoyed a lot! here

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