Wednesday, December 27, 2006
December 24
It was a tiring but happy day for me... After my work, I went to straight to the malls to get some gifts for my friends... I know it was too late.. So I went at one of the malls, bought some items for my friends and bosses... Ended at my car wrapping gifts..Hehehe..Here's what happened:
4:00pm - Left work. Drove straight to City Centre, bought gifts for my friends, and my parents..Left at 6:00pm
6:15pm - Arrived at Centrepoint. Bought gifts for my bosses. Got some wrappers and paper bags.Left at 6:30pm
6:45pm - Stopover at Food Palace to buy a scotch tape.
7:00pm - At my car. Wrapping gifts. (Can't wrap at my house coz my parents will see my gifts for them). Finished at 8:30, left for home.
9:00pm - Arrived home. Fixed myself for 15mins for the christmas eve dinner. Left at 9:30pm
9:45pm - Destination: Korean Garden Restaurant. Had a wonderful dinner. Was so full..Left at 11:30pm
11:45pm - Arrived home. Did some photo shoots...
12:00am - Opening of gifts! Fun!! Fun!! Fun!!
1:00pm - Went to bed.. (Too tired...)

December 25
Woke up late.. went for work for our christmas lunch..
7:20am - Woke up. Called the office to inform that I will be late. Good thing though, boss was not there yet either.
8:30am - Arrived at office. Boss busy preparing the table. (So touched and impressed, He was really into it. He was the one arranging the table, and preparing the salads. Even brought a microwave oven, just in case, he said.)
9:00am - Went to our main site office. Visited friends, greeted merry christmas, gave some gifts and of course, pictures!!
10:00am - Went back to my office. Lots of papers on my table, but not in the mood to work. Put it aside, placed on my pending tray.Heheh.. Went to chat with my colleagues.
12:30pm - Food arrived! Cooked by one of our Assitant Resident Engineer. He's one great cook! We had turkey, broiled chicken (taste like Andoks!), baked pasta with tuna, blueberry and apple pie, and casserroles. He cooked them all by himself. Impressive. Was so full and happy... Great atmosphere.. Gave gifts to my bosses... After opening, they immediately used them.. I was happy... Good choice of gifts..
2:00pm - Finished the lunch.. Just had conversations...
3:00pm - Went home. Had lunch again with my loved ones.
4:00pm- Chat with my brother and lola.. Good hearing their voices again.. Miss them so much!!
4:30pm onwards - Just had some rest... Tiring but wonderful christmas morning..

For pictures, check out

How was your christmas everyone??

Happy new year to all!!

Friday, December 22, 2006
I want to share a new site i found (through my brother) where alumni can get together. Check out my Eskwela ID
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So, calling all alumni!!! Visit this site.

Alright, I'm off to our Thanksgiving at our church. Catch you all later! Godbless!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006
Bummer List

1) My ipod stopped functioning!!! Aarrrgghh!!! I tried all the reboot and restart thing, it won't work! Friends say that its better to bring it to some service centre coz its still under warranty.. Bad thing is, I don't know where I kept the receipt... :o(

2) Haven't done my christmas shopping. For the reason that all my car expenses have to come up this month. I paid for the yearly insurance, maintenance, and others. My inaanaks are increasing and I would like to give them something for Christmas... And I don't have the budget.. Bleh!

3) FYI, I'm presently sponsoring a child in the Philippines. I'm giving a donation to World Vision monthly so my sponsored child can continue her study. Bad thing is, her bday is this coming 23rd and I havent thought of what I will give her. Folks at the organization advised that it would be better to send money instead of items for gifts as other children might see and get envious. Like what I told at my item#2, I have no budget. I also have lots of post cards for her, but haven't found yet the time to write... So sick of me..

4) I haven't got half of the payment for an advertisement photo shoot I did for the Asian Games.

5) I am getting fat. Ain't that bummer enough?