Friday, May 06, 2005
Been sick for the past three days...

When I woke up last Wednesday morning, I had a hard time swallowing. Oh no! I will have those nasty colds again. Maybe its because of the large strawberry shake I ate last Tuesday night. Dang!

And so the next day, I found myself having flu. Kainis. Can't attend our youth general fellowship at church and our music practice.

Eto pa, my father reserved us a lunch in Doha Golf Club yesterday. Sayang coz I can't even taste the food. so bland. Blame it on those medicines and my cold... Grrr...

Pray that this cold will just go...


Check out this pic.. parang videoke no.. hehehe.. my brother made that in one of his software sa pc..
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There are just some persons who will remain a part of your life...Image hosted by amish you guys..including you judith of course..

Sunday, May 01, 2005
Movie Marathon

The past week, I rested my eyes from viewing TFC and decided to watch some flicks. Those were not new films, but yeah, i decided to see them somehow...


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Starring Ben Stiller and Drew Barrymore, this movie tells about how the young couple tries to move on with their lives while living in their duplex. Wherein in the second floor, there lived an old lady who keeps on getting in their way and in their everything.

I find this so funny especially the part of the old lady. She was old but so witty in playing the part. I liked her every act in the film.

This movie is worth seeing.

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This is about how a family of fourteen (12 kids + two parents) tries to manage their lives. With the parents, wanting to focus on their careers as well, has jumbled everything up within their family. In the end, of course, the parents chose to stick to their parental duties than to stick on the ambitions.

At first, I already know what will happen. The plot is so predictable that I find it too dragging to watch the film. I just managed to finish it for the sake of finishing it. And for the reason that the star of Smallville is in there... hehehe.. ;o)

The movie is not that worth to see.

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After a couple of goody- comedy movies, I viewed SAW.

A surgeon and a photographer found themselves inside an abandon bathroom, and with them, was dead man soaking in its own blood. Through the series of gory events, they finally managed to solve the puzzle. But the answer they got is entirely different from the plan of the killer. With the twist of events, they found out that the killer was with them all along.

Thriller, suspense as it was described in its genre, I find this movie full of violence. With lots of blood, different killing techniques and full of blood, this will make you twinge. If you will watch it, better see how the surgeon cut his foot by a saw just to get out of the chains in his feet.

For movie viewers who are fans of bloody films, I recommend this one.

Hoping to have some time again to watch some flicks...