Wednesday, April 19, 2006
Movie Time

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Last Monday, my love one and I watched this movie I've been longing to see. ICE AGE 2: THE MELTDOWN. Kiddish? Nah... I love this movie.. Since I saw its first release.. Hilarious and I can say witty in its own way. Great animation and great dialogues, though its somewhat slapstick, the outcome is wonderful. I like Sid the Sloth, he's so irritatingly funny. I suggest you watch this one.. Or you watched it already and I'm late ... ;o)

Funny thing is, this was only my third time to watch a movie in a cinema house here in Qatar. My first is Free Willy(which is like a school tour) , and the second was Titanic. And it was not even in the cinemas in the malls because there was no malls yet here that time. Don't laugh.. I know you're smiling.. Hehehe.. ;o)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Have to update you guys na..

About me? First, im doing fine, if you may ask. Work's the same... Nothing new.. Except that I got an increase.. Did I already say that before? Can't remember na.. Its really been too long since I last blogged...

Anyway, got myself a new a haircut.. shorter style coz I'm tired of tying it up on a ponytail making me look like older than my age.. They say it suits me..making me look young.. Others say they like my old long hair.. Everyone has their own opinions.. As for me, I'm liking my hair now.. No fuss every morning.. Wash and go.. Hehe.. And because I dont have budget na for rebonding my hair so better cut it short na lang.. ;o)

Another thing, I'm getting myself addicted to Body Shop! I bought Vit C Energizing Spritz for my face, Almond Oil Hand Cream for my hands and nails, and Shampoo and Conditioner made up of honey for my hair. I'm loving them too much! Smells good too! Being happy in your own skin, we get self- esteem, right? ;o)

What else...

I'll post soon! ;o)

Monday, April 10, 2006
I am a bad blogger, right? Can't keep my blog up to date... Oh well... Have to start again..