Friday, February 16, 2007
Heart's Day

Hi! How did your valentine's day go? For me, I went Japanese, American and Arabic. Why? Here's why,

February 12 - Herbert and I decided to make an early valentines date kasi we have a music practice on wednesday, so we cant. So, nagdate kami sa Moon Palace. Kaya Japanese.

February 13 - We went out with my parents para naman sila i-date. Destination: TGIF. I guess you know kung what kind of foods ang serve dun.

February 14 - We still went on practice.  But after, date naman namin father ni Herbert. We went to Turkey Central and ate shish tawooq. Yummy! Making it an arabic night for us.

How about you, what happened nung valentines?

Saturday, February 10, 2007
Hearts from Home

Last Thursday, 08 February 2007, me, my mom and my Herbert went to watch a concert featuring Sarah Geronimo, Rachelle Anne Go, Christian Bautista and Mark Bautista. I was so happy kasi I really like Sarah and I get to watch her live.

Sad thing though, I thought that this show would really be as organized as I thought..We didn't get to sit on our sit numbers kasi people were sitting na kahit saan.  People were having arguments na nga because of insisting that they sit on their respective places.E other people are sitting on them na. And people are removing the sticker numbers na on the seats. Funny part was, at first, they announced not to remove the seat numbers sticked on the chairs. People were 'booing' kasi it was too late na to say that. Then after a few minutes, again they announced to just remove the stickers on the chair. Hahah! I was just laughing.  Annoying but funny... It just proved that Pinoys are really pinoys. Full of kalokohan.  

I think that siguro everything will be much okay if they allocated ushers in each isle of the seats to check strictly the seat numbers on the tickets and assist the people to their respective places. And also, if they make hiwalay ang entrance ng mga tickets holding the VVIP, VIP and Seating tickets.  I think mas magiging enjoyable ang night despite na it was so cold that time.  Just my thinking ang suggestions.. Hope no one will get mad. Peace!

Anyway, thanks Diane for bringing them here! Like ko silang lahat!

Check out some of the pics I took of the show in my Photos link.















Wednesday, February 07, 2007
Good News

I lost 2 kilos already! Good news diba.. hehehe... For two weeks, I lost that much.  Fair enough. Yun lang.  Just want to brag about it. Hahaha!