Thursday, December 30, 2004
OMG!! it's been a while since my last post. Kept on planning to update my blog pero pagdating ko sa bahay from work, i feel tired. Kaya naman after i ate and watched some tv shows, i dozed of immediately.

Anyways and anyhows, let me start. But I don't know where to start!! There's a lot that has happened these past few days. All of those events are just jumbling about in my head tonite that I don't know where to pinpoint first.

Let me start with work.

That's the reason kung bakit di ako makapagblog. We have access sa internet in my office, but for the reason na super busy kami, I cannot log in. Especially the christmas season that has passed, there were too many gift packages to be sent. Busy busy! That's why when i get home, I'm so stressed out. But may kunswelo naman. One of our regular customer gave me a christmas present!! It was so nice of him. Pero all in all, work was so overwhelmingly heavy.

The christmas that passed.

My parents organized a party held here in our house to celebrate the coming of christmas. We had three large turkeys, placed in three round tables. Hehehe... We had games, all had fun. But hindi ko naabutan ang exhanging gifts nila pagdating ng midnight kasi I cannot control na may eyes sa pagdrop down nya. I was so sleepy and tired.... I escaped the party and went to my comfy bed. May pictures sana but the pictures I took were not that good kaya hindi ko na lang post.

Christmas blessing!

I got a new job, I passed my driver's exam and now I got a new car!!! I bought a Honda Civic Lxi 2005. Automatic sya which makes driving a breeze. I was supposed to buy a SUV, pero can't afford pa. So, Civic will do. Thank God for these blessings!!

Hmmm... that's it for now. I'm feeling sleepy na naman. I just got home kasi.

Hope to blog really soon uli..

Happy new year to all!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2004
haayy.... I still can't feel that Christmas is just around. Eventhough TFC's showing christmas specials, no effect. Eventhough we put up christmas tree and christmas decors in our house, nada. Why???? I wanna feel the joy and the excitement of Christmas... So sad....

Oh, about my driving, when I get in front of the steering wheel, butterflies start to flutter around my stomach. I'm so nervous!! I really make it a point to pray first before I step on the gas.

The work. Still pressured. Sometimes, the moment I get in the office, there's no time to sit down and relax! That will go for about two hours of standing up and going to and fro, checking packages, attending the customers and the callers. Those callers!!! I just wish they would hire someone who will be in charge of answering those phone calls. It's really irritating kapag sabay-sabay na, customers and callers.

Well, that's it for now. Keep you all posted soon!!

Tuesday, December 07, 2004
Guess what! My much awaited answer to my prayer has come!! I can drive!!! I passed my driving exam today. Whew! Take note, i only took one shot on my road test. Harharhar.... Well, the police also contributed to my success because he was very kind. And of course, the greatest reason why i passed - GOD. Without Him, i really can't do it. So, thanks be to Him!! So exciting! :)

At my work as a customer service, I encounter different customers everyday. People can be arrogant, they can be understanding, they can be quiet but you can see in their face that they're getting irritated. They can also be jolly and friendly. It's tough, letting yourself be flexible and all that. For those of you who don't know, I'm not fond of facing people, meaning, I have that tendency to be shy. So, I'm also wondering what the heck am I doing in the customer service area.

But I told myself, i need to overcome this shy-type character of mine. I need to be bold and be assertive. Nothing will happen to me if I continue to hide away from the crowd.

"Dear God, help me to be the best customer service agent I can be. Thank you, Amen... "

Friday, December 03, 2004
Thought my company won't let me go, but they did! They even gave me a simple farewell gathering. God is really wonderful to do such miracle. :) No bad feelings.. but instead, i got blessings from them...

at the gathering

just took some shots with mah friends, malaine, aisa and yen

and another one...

My first day at my new company. Was introduced to everyone. Observed the nature of the job. Looks pretty tough... hmmm.. Can i make it??

I got the routine and the way on how the job should be done. It's tough to deal with customers... and at the same time, hard to deal with multiple callers. But this is what I'm looking for that I cannot find in my previous company... the excitement and the pressure... So, why am I complaining??

Thursday night:
Wohoo! Party! My friends from my previous company came over at my house, you know, just to have fun and catch up. And they bought me a coat! Thank you guys! I really need a black coat. Hehehe...

Had fun. Everybody was in the cheery mood. Laughing and joking around.

But one thing made me happy. It's the time that we get to share with them the love and salvation of Christ. Yen, thanks for sharing those things with us... We're just here anytime you're ready... :)

About the foods? There was pancit malabon, braso de mercedes and barbeque chicken. I guess everybody was satisfied coz i think nothing was left. Hehehe...

Party ended at 2:00 in the morning.. Guess what, we were enjoying the company of each other through the coldness of the night. It was too cold, freezing, but the warmth of each other's presence kept us cozy... :)

It's really a wonderful feeling when you get to bond with your friends... right my dear blogger friends???

p.s. miss you guys!

another p.s. pics to follow!!! :)