Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I'm currently at work..sitting at my desk in front of the computer with nothing to do.. So, I decided to post something na lang..

I got a day off last Saturday, my Boss gave me one which I didnt expect and which I didn't know why he gave me a day off.  Out of curiousity, I asked him.. And he answered "'Coz you're a good girl, that's I'm giving you a day off." Ain't him sweet? Good thing my boss is this good.. One blessing from above...

So, in that day off, I asked my mom if we could have a stroll at the mall.  I was only planning of buying a 6riyal blush-on at Daiso but I ended up spending QR500!! Ladies, are we really like this? We easily get side-tracked.. Haha! Because it's sale in Next and Oasis, my mom and I bought 3 blouses from Next and 1 blouse from Oasis.

Then, we found our way to Body Shop! Hahah! I bought my mom some Vit C capsules for the face (I tried it, and it's really smooth on the face), a lipgloss and a bodyscrub.  I bought myself a body perfume - really smells good!

But then yesterday night, because I can't get enough of Body Shop, I bought myself a blusher, a blush on, a face powder, a lipstick and a concealer. Buy 2 take 1 kasi e! Hahah! It's not always that I splurge on make-up so I think what I did is not too much.. I hope..


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Why the "dot"?

First reason: Pimples! I don't know why two of them have come out in a month. I usually have pimples once a month lang. *sigh*

Second reason: I'm supposed to go out for a coffee with my friends, but was postponed coz I was scheduled to lead the praise and worship at our church.  So, I have to put a "dot" into that plan and make it next week.

Third reason: Relaxed days are over.  Having so much at work this week.


I received an email the other day that today, Thursday, 18th January 2007, the temperature will be at 2degrees.  Hmm... it's cold alright..but I don't think it's 2 degrees outside...Another bogus email...


Last November, we had a concert, I can say a beneficiary concert at that, that we were able to raise funds to support children at World Vision.  So happy that we get to sponsor 10 kids and help them to finish their study and improve their lives.  Other than those 10 kids, I have my own sponsored child.  It's really a blessing to be a blessing to others! :o)

Saturday, January 13, 2007

How did my week go? Well, like what I've said, had two days off.. When I got back to work, so happy coz there's not much to do...

One more thing to be thankful. Our working hours changed. It'll be from 6:30 to 2:30 na instead of 7:00-3:00. I know, it's hard to wake up early, but we'll be going early too. Not bad right? And we get to have lunch every Saturday and Thursday na unlike before.

And.... that's it.. nothing exciting..

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Been thinking about this these past few days:

"Don't do anything today that you will regret in the past and will cause hurt to your loved ones in the future."




Monday, January 08, 2007
Back to Work

Holiday's over.  Bummer. Next holiday would be on September 03 na... Independence Day of Qatar.. So tagal pa..Anyway...


First day of my holiday - I decided to have some bonding time with my mom. I asked her if we could go to the mall to check out some sale.  And I thought to myself, I would buy whatever she likes to buy. But it went the other way around! Haha! She didn't get herself anything coz she didn't find anything good. But me! I  bought 2 items - 1 skirt from Mango and 1 blouse from Jennyfer. Haha! Tsk Tsk...

Second day - Just spent the time at our home. Cooked chicken stir fry for our lunch (they liked it! Wohoo!! ). Then, Herbert brought his laptop and we checked out some games in there. We decided to play Bowling.  Losers will get to treat dinner. I won and he lose! Lol! Watched ASAP '07 afterwards.


Watched United 93 Saturday night. All I can say is "Wow, pare, heavy." Made me sad and angry.


And oh! Noon pa ako wonder if what happened the time slot of Let's Go! I'm a fan of that show. Those teens are so cute and fun. I remember my teen days. Lol! Kakamiss din yun. And I found out yesterday that it was moved from Saturday to Sunday kya pala hindi ko na sya napapanood.. Happy ako kasi napanood ko sya. (Babaw no?!)


So I'm back to work today. Went 30mins early to the office to clear out my table. When I got there, daming papers sa table ko. But I managed to clear everything before lunch. Pati na rin papers for filling. Good! I'm allergic to papers na kasi. Hehe.. I worried too much. There's not much backlog for that two days I was gone. Thank God.


Enough na nga.. I'm boring you na ata...


Thursday, January 04, 2007

It is freezing cold!!!! As I've read in the paper, the temperature recorded was 8degrees and it was the coldest ever, since 1964's 6degrees. Its because of the cold wind that's coming from Siberia. (Trivia!) Well, of course, for those of you living in the states and where there is snow, its different... its super super super cold. Heheh.. We've got heater running inside our home which I'm scared of because it might overheat... And the other day, I ate ice cream. Lol! Stupid right? It is so cold and I ate an ice cream. Because it's Selecta, I had to eat. Haha!! Because of that, my throat became sore, giving me fever yesterday.  Sometimes I like being sick coz I'm treated like a baby. Whatever and whichever I want, it will be given. Don't you agree with me?   Anyway, got sick the whole night.  My mother told me not to go to work today for me to have rest, but I decided to go to finish all the work so I will not have any backlog before my holiday. Speaking of holiday, I'm getting 2 days holiday again!! I was supposed to take a straight holiday this week, but decided to take the two extra days next week so my work will not pile up. Wohoo!! Thinking of what to do..Hmm..maybe check out some sale in the mall with my mom, if ever I still have the money. Or just sleep all day and be lazy. Hahah!! Anyway, I'm happy coz I get to have holiday.

But I'm still thinking of work.. What if all the papers pile up on my table? What if the day I return for work, I will be so busy and have to stay overtime?? What if I will be pressured??? Oh dear, am I being workaholic??? Hope not..

Monday, January 01, 2007
Happy New Year
The time is 2:30am, 01 January 2007.

I just got home from our new year's dinner at Dairy Queen. Haha! We have no media noche like in the Philippines.. It's because I didn't have time to cook and prepare as we were busy helping my father wrapping gifts for his program at church earlier that evening. We spent our new year's eve at church where we ended 2006 and started 2007 with a prayer.  Sounds good right? The message for that night: "Forget the former things.  Look ahead for 2007 with great expectations from God". I like that. Forget the old things, forget all the hurts..forget all the problems.. and look forward to greater things for 2007 coz God is in control. I hope that also encouraged you my dear friends and readers...

Anyway, so, right... We spent our night at the church and early morning of the first day of 2007 at Dairy Queen... But earlier that day, me and herbert went at one shopping mall to get his christmas gift for me!!! I know it's too late..It's because we didn't have time to buy gifts for each other as we were busy buying gifts for others.. I was thinking of of him giving me make-ups from Body Shop.  But he changed his mind.  He want something daw that I can remember him as make-up daw e nauubos.  So, without second thoughts, I dragged him to one shoe shop (thank God it's on sale!) and let him buy me a pair of black shoes. And from my own pocket, I decided to buy myself make-ups from Body Shop. (hindi ko matiis e!) And then we went home na to have rest and prepare for that night's program.

I can say that 2006 was a good year for me.  Got a nice new job, celebrated our first year anniversary as a couple.. got promoted in my job are some of the blessings I'm thankful to God for.  That year was also the year I get to meet my future in-laws, learned how to cook and loved and still love doing it and learned how to put make-up. Hahahah!! Not to forget, got to participate at the 15th Asian Games!

I think I blabbed enough... Here are some things that I got for the last day of  2006:

---->>> Brown Mascara and Eyeshadow from Body Shop

------>>> New shoes from Aldo

Last pic for the year 2006:

----->>> with good friends Cathy and Dawn

Happy new year everyone!!! Godbless!!!