Sunday, November 28, 2004
Occassions and Blahs
I'm still feeling nervous, tense and scared. Tomorrow, our big bosses will arrive from their meeting in Japan. And only one day is remaining till i start on my new job. Still asking if my present employer would freely release me and still questioning if my new company will give me more extensions. God, i need a miracle.

We went to City Center earlier coz i thought of buying some winter clothes coz its really getting cold here now in Qatar. Unfortunately, couldn't find any. There were a lot of sale items but there was nothing good. All the good stuff is not included in sale. Why??? So, instead of getting a new set of winter wardrobe, this is what i brought home...

Cheap kasi e. Just had to buy it. :)

Wedding. It always brings tears to my eyes. I don' t know why but everytime i watch a wedding, it brings me to tears. Maybe its the romantic aspect of the event and of course the thinking how God brings two people together and bind them as one.

Last Friday, we attended a church wedding of our family friends. It was so simple but so inspirational and emotional. The groom was so emotional that when his bride began walking down the aisle, he was crying. I really like that. When the groom cries when he sees his bride. It just proves how happy he is to be united with his wife. Even at the reception, the groom was crying. Heheh.. It's because of what his brother did. His brother recorded a voice message from their parents. After hearing the message, everybody in the room was crying.

The wedding was fun and I can see in the couple that they will have happy years ahead of them. Godbless to both of you!

Of course, I won't forget to post some pics!

this is me.. just got home from the parlor. like what they did on my hair..simple but elegant.

with the bride and the groom

with the flower girl, my partner as a secondary sponsor and the ring bearer

with friends at the reception, and on below left is my wonderful pianist, Kuya Egay

Oh, forgot to mention. I was the wedding singer at the wedding. I sang IKAW on the bridal march, i sang THE GIFT on the signing of the contract, and i sang LOOKING THROUGH THE EYES OF LOVE on the wedding dance of the couple. IKAW is my favorite because of the wonderful lyrics it got. So, might as well post the lyrics.

Ikaw ang bigay ng Maykapal
Tugon sa aking dasal
Upang sa lahat ng panahon
Bawat pagkakataon
ang ibigin ko'y ikaw
Ikaw ang tanglaw sa 'king mundo
Kabiyak nitong puso ko
Wala ni kahati mang saglit
Na sa iyo'y may papalit
Ngayo't kailanma'y ikaw
Ang lahat ng aking galaw
Ang sanhi ay ikaw
Kung may bukas mang tinatanaw
Dahil may isang ikaw
Kulang ang magpakailan pa man
Upang bawat sandali ay...
Upang muli't muli ay...
Ang mahalin ay...

Monday, November 22, 2004
Hi guys...sorry, hasn't been updating since the last entry...I'm facing some burdens right now...this is all I can say

"I cast all my cares upon You
I'll lay all of my burdens, down at Your feet.
And anytime I don't know what to do,
I will cast all my cares upon You..."

Feel so confused... Lord, help me...

Wednesday, November 17, 2004
All the Time, Decisions
Everyday we are faced with decisions. Simple deciding matters like whether we wake up or just stay in bed; whether to eat breakfast or not; whether to wear your hair up or down.

But sometimes, we encounter really hard life-decision matters. Like whether to let go or just let time take care of what's happening; whether to just keep to yourself the truth knowing that it will affect something between you and another person or to just say it directly compromising some other things; whether to say yes or no to a question; whether to get a high paying job or a job with a perfect office timing; whether to give in to what other's want to satisfy your desire of social acceptance or just to what makes you happy regardless of what other people might think.

Nakakatorete na rin minsan. I hate facing hard choices. It's tough to select between two things that you both like, pero kelangan mo talagang mamili lang ng isa.

But life is like that. It's all based on decisions. We just have to really know the right and the wrong choice to take. And not to forget to consult it to God. Or else it's the end of everything.

Monday, November 15, 2004
Eid Happenings
During the first and second day of Eid, my family and I just spent the day at church listening to the wonderful seminar Pastor Paul Morley had conducted. My spirit was refreshed once more with his encouraging words.

But during the first day, we were planning to go to Aladdin’s Kingdom (its like the Enchanted Kingdom here but I think Enchanted Kingdom is far better than what we've got here) after the seminar but to some reasons, di kami natuloy, so we postponed it for the next day.

So the second day of Eid came, was very excited about the amusement park trip. When suddenly, I heard a thunder. So thinking that, oh well, it’s just a thunder. Then another sound came, then another..then another... Waaahhh!!! It was raining! (yes, umuulan din naman dito sa disyerto.hehe)Our trip will be cancelled again. So after the seminar, I was so gloomy.

But after an hour, I can see the sun peeking through the dark clouds. Yey! We’re going!

Off we went. And here are some pics.

my mom and i at the entrance

men from the Chinese State Circus doing acrobats. they were really good. totoo pala yung mga ginagawa ni Jackie Chan.hehe

a man getting ready to be hit by a hard wooden stick. he's got a hard head talaga. they even got bricks to break sa head nya. talk about concentration.

this is the one i really like. dragons! chinese dragons playing balls! really fun and cute

me and my mom. behind us is the roller coaster.

But I was a bit disappointed coz it says in their advertisement that there will be para-gliders, aqua show, a kids theater and so on. The only thing that they got really good is the Chinese State Circus. I was looking for the para-gliders but there were none...

Oh, about the Chinese State Circus, our experience was nakakatawa na nakakainis. So, we're waiting outside the circus tent, waiting for the entrance to be opened. The crowd waiting with us was getting larger. Then, they open na entrance door. It was like a stampede!! People were pushing just to get ahead to the entrance. The ladies were shouting "Slow down! We've got kids here!!" I was holding hands with my mom so we won't get lost and be carried away by the crowd. Pero grabe talaga, they were pushing!! My mom was really angry and upset kasi napagbintangan pa sya na nanunulak. The lady shouted daw at her face na she was pushing. I don't like to mention nationalites coz I don't want to get in trouble. Pero nakakainis talaga sila.

Do you also like going to parks like this? Coz I do… It’s so much fun! Fun! Fun! (except for the stampede thing that happened.hehehehe....)

Friday, November 12, 2004

I'm supposed to go with my friends sa Palm Tree Island this Friday afternoon, pero di ako nakasipot. We have a guest speaker in our church and i wouldn't want to miss the message God would speak to me. I just hope that my friends didn't make tampo or galit... huhuhuh...

Eid Mubarak

Ramadan is finish. We have a three day holiday! Wohoo! But lucky those who work in the government and in some selected companies, they have a whole week off… but better have something than nothing. ;)

This also means that it’s back to our regular work schedule… that’s up to six in the evening… no more half days and no more long sleep in the afternoon… I’m back to my 5minute nap… sad…

Yeah Baby!!!

Yeah! I'm driving a Prado! Well, actually can't drive it on the highway coz I ain't got my license yet... I only get to drive it around our block. But what the heck! We got a Prado!!

My dad got it last Thursday, and I was so excited to get on it. After lunch, my dad and I made kalikot to its features and we were impressed. It's got a lot of compartments to put my dad's stuffs, it can seat 12 people including the driver! It needs diesel which means we can save on gasoline. But one friend of my dad told him that why take diesel e gasoline's cheap here. Whatever, my dad loves his new car. It's his dream car actually. His dream car for our family... God is really good to His children... Thank you God for this wonderful blessing...

As of me, sometimes I can't sleep at night...I kept thinking the day that I will get to drive that beautiful vehicle. Can't wait to get my license... Maybe by the end of November or first week of December, with God's grace, I'll get my license...can't wait...

Thursday, November 11, 2004
Is it hard to say 'I'm sorry.'? Is it hard to ask for forgiveness? Some people have a hard time lowering down themselves to the point of accepting their mistakes. Why? Well, maybe because of pride. I hate pride, don't you? It makes people arrogant, hard to reach, and just unbelievably irritating.

As it says, pride is the mother of all sins. It proudly says that 'I don't need anything or anyone. I can handle myself'. Now, isn’t that just annoying?

If you are narrow-minded, if you refused to admit your weakness, and if you are demanding,then you have pride. That's just some of the characteristics of someone who has pride in them self.

Back to asking for forgiveness, is it really hard? I mean just a simple 'sorry' over your mistake is easy, right? I don’t know, for me, I find it ok. I mean, if I did something wrong, I immediately ask for their forgiveness. If we are not ready to admit our guilt, we come to denial or blame-transferring just to get out of the situation.

I think every person will have a better relationship if they just humble themselves, don't u think?

Tuesday, November 09, 2004
For the love of hair
They say your hair is your crowning glory.

I, for one, will not say that my hair is one glorious crown. First, it's so dry that u would compare it for the dryness of the strands of 'walis tambo'. Second, it's like a sponge that when it dries up, it rise up like that. Third, I think every end of my hair is full of split ends. Not just a double split, but I can say, a triple split treat, even a quadruple. Arrrghh!!

I tried all the tips on magazines, all the shampoos and conditioners that are out in the market. But no effect! So, I ended up blow drying my hair and then to the miraculous works of the HAIR IRON. My hair's savior, yep yep! The HAIR IRON. What would my hair be like if not for the hair iron. But I hate it thinking that I flatten my hair with those hot plates. But what else can I do? If not for that, it would look like I did an Afro-style with my mane. Haha! So, because I iron my hair for almost everyday, I condition it everyday, and sometimes,I apply some serum to make it look healthy and shiny. Rebonding also crossed my mind. But my hair stylist discouraged me to do that coz of the weakness, the fineness and the thinnes of my hair.

Why can't I have a hair that's naturally sleek, shiny and straight? I envy those women who have no hard time fixing their hair. After washing, they just let it dry naturally. Sometimes, I get lazy ironing my hair so I just put it up on a ponytail. So if you see me, wearing a ponytail, for sure, I didn't iron it.

I'm desperate!Help!

Sunday, November 07, 2004
Apple of His Eyes
I'm feeling alright now. Maybe it's because of the message I heard last Friday at our church service. We had a guest named Pastor Leif. He's from America but of a Norwegian nationality. He's got the blue eyes, guys. But with those blue eyes come great power and compassion. I get to shake hands with him, and looked straight at his eyes, man! You can see and feel the passion he has for Christ. Wish I could have that, that when people look at my eyes, they will not see me but Christ in me. Isn't that wonderful?

Anyway, 'bout the message, it was about remembrance. Remembering all the things that God has done for you so that you will never feel tired and weary. He pinpointed to look at the promises of God not our problems or circumstances. So I was again encouraged by those words. And I was reminded that I’m a child of God, his daughter, so why will I feel rejected and neglected? If I'm his daughter, then I should be secure. If I'm not finding favor in other people's eyes, i KNOW i found favor in my Creator's eyes. I'm the apple of His eyes! It's really very important to focus your eyes and thoughts to Christ, coz if not, you will dry up because of the things that's happening around you.

So, after the message, one of his team mates, a lady, I didn't get to know her name, prayed over me. I was crying really hard... really hard... I didn't mind about the other people around me, I just felt God's love and mercy again.

Oh, one more thing. I was so blessed with the kids coz they never hesitate to come up and be prayed upon by the pastor and his team. And, in the pastor's team, there was one old lady, I remember my grandma. She is old but still she has the fire for God.

Overall, the feeling was so great and so calm and peaceful... I can't wait to get to heaven!!

Thursday, November 04, 2004
The past three days, that was Monday,Tuesday,and Wednesday to be exact, I was feeling so down and annoyed and irritated.

First, I have to stop for two weeks sa driving lessons ko kasi after two weeks pa daw magkakaron ng exam sa school ko.

Second, I just felt so not appreciated. I don't know. Ever since I have this emotion na nakakainis. Do you also feel this? Like you're so down and the people around you are not noticing you? Or like when you are always the person who are just there, a face in a crowd.

Third, I'm so sensitive. A bit of taray would make me feel hurt. It would make me feel so low.

Maybe because I'm not used in tarayan and I'm not a mataray myself. Also, siguro I'm not the type of person who initiates talks. I'm more of a listener than a talker. And siguro I'm not the person na may quality na magstand out sa crowd. Maybe it's because I don't socialize enough. But what can I do? I'm not really into that.

Right now, at this minute while I'm typing this entry, I feel so low.

Iniiisip ko na lang na God is there to give me security, comfort and peace...